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Piney Wood Farm is located in north Georgia. It consists of a small show flock of Tunis and Cotswold. Our Tunis show flock is sired by "Red Rock", who holds the National Reserve Champion title ( a Red Label son). It is also sired by our Riverwood ram "Pistol Pete."

"Pistol Pete" is the Missouri State Champion Ram for 2015.

Our Cotswolds are sired by

"Einstein" a champion Natural Colored Cotswold

(Maryland Fiber Festival Reserve Supreme Ram)

"Tobias" the 2017 NAILE Natural Colored National Champion Ram

and "Oscar Meyer" a champion white Cotswold.

"Louie" the  2018 White Cotswold ram lamb is the SAFF Champion Cotswold Ram. 

Our farm consists of approximately thirty head of sheep and one Angora goat named "Gus". 

Fiber and Fleece Quality

Tunis wool is lustrous 24 to 30 microns, long-stapled 4 to 6 inches. Ewes generally produce a fleece weighing 8-10 pounds and a ram’s fleece will weigh 12-15 pounds with a 56 to 58 spinning count wool. Tunis wool is considered to be a down fiber which produces pliable and soft yarns. There is no scratchiness or skin irritations therefore 100% Tunis wool scarves and hats are very desirable.

Cotswold are sheared twice a year and are generally sold by the ounce. Wool locks are usually 3 inches or more in length with strong fiber consistency and curly crimp. Cotswold is a spinner's delight.

The Breed

Tunis sheep are beautiful red heads with long pendulous ears and a calm disposition. These sheep are favorites with everyone who tries this rare breed, from showmen to commercial farmers. Tunis ewes are excellent mothers with a high rate of twinning and occasionally triplets. They are heavy milkers, are easily handled, and have very docile temperaments. The Tunis lambs are vigorous at birth and are warmed by a double coat of red fibers. Tunis will breed out of season producing fall lambs.

Tunis sheep originated from Middle-Eastern fat-tailed sheep imported from Tunisia, The earliest documented importation to America occurred in 1799. This makes them among the oldest breeds of livestock developed in America. Thomas Jefferson imported "broad-tailed" sheep for their mutton and wool-producing attributes. George Washington used a Tunis ram to build his flock. During the Civil War southern flocks provided food for survivors thus virtually eliminating breed population in the south. Today, the breed is thriving.

Casey's Cotswolds

  • We now are breeding quality Casey Cotswolds in white and natural colored! The wool is a long loose fleece in curly locks. It is easy to spin and blends well with Tunis fleece eliminating the nep factor. The history of the Cotswold dates back to the pre-industrial age in Cotswold, England.


Cotswold and Tunis Show Stock

Raising Champions


Registered Tunis and Cotswolds

We raise registered Tunis sheep and lamb, white Cotswolds and Natural Colored Cotswold sheep and lamb for any farm whether it is for show, breeding stock, wool, fiber, or a hobby farm. Our genetics come from a wide variety of quality Champions throughout the US. 

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